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Tucker goes after WaPo reporter who urged libs to avoid his show: ‘At least they’re not cowards’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised liberals who are not afraid to be guests on his show despite the apparent pressure on them to decline.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” blasted other liberal cowards, like Washington D.C reporters,  who avoid diversity of thought and legitimate debate during a segment on his show Monday.

Carlson called out Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel who slammed Carlson for his interview of BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith last week, warning others to stay clear of the show.

Carlson “enjoyed” the “vigorous discussion about liberal group-think in the press” with Smith but noted that Weigal, who was not a fan of the segment because there were too many opinions he did not agree with, “immediately started whining about it” on Twitter.

Carlson countered that the exchange with Smith was an example of “legitimate debate.”

“But to a Washington Post reporter, someone who lives in a  world where every single person has identical views of everything – all of them fashionable, all of them unquestioned – that looks like bad faith to him,” the Fox News host said.

Carlson’s invitation to Weigal to appear on his show and explain his views was, not surprisingly, turned down by the reporter who said he was “planning to watch a movie” instead.

A diversity of views is terrifying to liberals, Carlson explained.

“It’s a threat to the moral monopoly they believe they hold in American life,” he said, adding that the possibility that good people could have valid points that differ from their own is “unacceptable.”

“It shakes their faith in their own virtue so they bat it away with name-calling,” he continued.

“It takes a lot for liberals to come on this show. Thanks to people like Weigal, there’s a lot of peer pressure not to come on,” Carlson acknowledged. “and they know that when they do come on it won’t be fluffy. They’re going to have to answer the question.”

But, Carlson concluded, their “bravery” has not gone unnoticed.

“But night after night, some of them come anyway. And we are grateful for that,” he said, adding a stinging rebuke. “They may be wrong or misguided, but at least they’re not cowards.”

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