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Intriguing new book looks at what Hillary Clinton’s life would have been like without Bill in it

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What would life be like for Hillary Clinton if Bill weren’t in the picture?

That’s the premise of a new novel announced by Random House to be written by Curtis Sittenfeld, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The story will begin from Hillary Rodham’s refusal of Bill Clinton’s first marriage proposal – something that did reportedly happen in real life.

But, instead of finally accepting the marriage offer, “Rodham” stuck to her guns with the refusal and set off on a life without the man who would one day put her in the White House as the first lady. A place she’s desperately been trying to get back to ever since.

Random House did not give details about the storyline nor did they offer a release date, but the premise is sure to be an intriguing one for both fans and foes of the Clintons.

Bill and Hillary’s marriage has been widely panned as more of a business relationship than a love affair. Amassing vast amounts of political power and wealth have been goals the duo have accomplished in spades.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton. Image: Shutterstock.

Bill’s nefarious past rife with rape accusations and relentless womanizing and Hillary’s commitment to stand by her man despite her supposed feminist persona has only fueled speculation their relationship is strictly a working one.

Bill by political comparison to Hillary could be considered a moderate and received praise from both sides of the aisle for welfare reform under his terms as president. More recently, he was criticized by Hillary’s radical left base when he scolded Black Lives Matter while giving a stump speech for his wife’s doomed presidential campaign.

“They’re afraid of the truth!” Bill told protesters who were highly critical of his reform.

“You are defending the people who kill the people whose lives you say matter!”

That was a big no-no in the political world Hillary lives in, and he was later pressured to offer an apology of sorts.

Without her husband’s more mass and moderate appeal, one can only speculate how radical Hillary would’ve outwardly become. Those are the holes one can assume the new novel will fill in.

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Sittenfeld wrote “American Wife,” a story with a character believed to be loosely based on Laura Bush, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


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