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Sheriff David Clarke blames ‘growth of the welfare state’ for surge in crimes in the black community

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blamed the “growth of the welfare state” for the surge in crimes in the inner cities and the black community.

“All the kids with no fathers around [succumb to tribal behavior],” Clarke told Fox News. “Tribal behavior leads to the law of the jungle replacing the rule of law. When fathers are not around to shape the behavior of young men, they oftentimes grow up to be unmanageable misfits.”

Clarke said the left’s promotion of government dependence and a victim mentality has marginalized the role of black men, which has had a devastating impact on the African-American community:

“70 percent of the kids born in Milwaukee, at least for the last decade or so, are born without an engaged father in their life. I look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads. They push them to the side and said, ‘You’re not needed. Uncle Sam is going to be the dad. He’s going to provide for kids.’

But Uncle Sam has been a horrible father. Uncle Sam does not like the kids. He keeps a little food in their mouth and that’s about it. We all know the importance of an intact family, what it can do to shape behavior of kids.”

In 2015, 77.3% of non-immigrant black births were to unmarried moms—almost double that of the national average—which is 42%, according to data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies.

For immigrants, 49% of Hispanic births were to single moms, compared to 12.7% for whites and 34% for blacks.

The statistics shine a harsh spotlight on the breakdown of the nuclear family, which has been linked to juvenile delinquency, welfare dependency, criminal activity and increased likelihood to end up in jail.

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(Image: Center for Immigration Studies)

The alarming statistics about the growth of the single-mom class suggest the future of the United States is shaky. With the U.S. national debt approaching $20 trillion, it’s unclear how the economy will fare as the number of people dependent on welfare continues to mushroom.

What’s more, the less-educated portion of the population is more likely to have children out of wedlock, compounding the problem of kids growing up in, and perpetuating, a generational cycle of poverty, criminal activity and welfare dependence.

Sheriff Clarke said poverty and crime will continue to skyrocket in the inner city until the left stops emasculating black men by urging single moms to depend on the government for everything.

“These progressive policies have hit the black community like a nuclear blast,” he said. “This government dependency — that is what creates all of this, and it encourages it.”

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