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Dishes go flying at Denny’s restaurant when diners start giant brawl and it’s all caught on camera

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Warning: Some violent content

A knock-down, drag-out brawl at a Denny’s restaurant was caught on camera by the Snapchat sensation “Nick Nack Pattiwhack.”

The  video was posted across social media and has been seen more than 3.5 million times on Facebook alone.

Dennys 3

“Last night in Albany New York it went Down,” the accompanying caption reads.

“What is you doing, baby? I didn’t even get my food yet, baby!” the Baton Rouge-based comedian, whose real name is Nick Joseph, says as the brouhaha overtakes his table.

dennys 2

Quick reflexes enabled him to save his beverage as a combatant is pummeled inches away.

Amid all the carnage, likely occurring as the bars let out, diners were having a grand ol’ time.

Tom Tillison


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