Oops! Paul Ryan gets burned … he didn’t read guy’s t-shirt before grinning for joint photo at pancake event

Ah, the perils of being a glad-handing politician.

Fresh on the heels of passing the American Health Care Act, the Republican Party’s offering to repeal Obamacare, Speaker Paul Ryan took a photo Saturday with a man while appearing at the Kiwanis Pancake Festival in Racine, Wisconsin.

…but Ryan was oblivious to the man’s t-shirt.

Wearing a Milwaukee Brewers baseball hat, the young man was also rocking a t-shirt that read: “Repeal and go f**k yourself.’ – GOP.”

The photo became an internet sensation after being tweeted by a Twitter user who goes by @Minnysconsin. The reference to “pod” is for the political podcast “Pod Save America,” which sells the shirt.

Ryan was clearly set up, prompting a follow-up from Podcast co-host Jon Favreau — the former speechwriter for President Barack Obama challenged others to one-up the stunt:

And while the photo opened Ryan up for serious ridiculing by his detractors, it didn’t compare to the lashing his press secretary, AshLee Strong, endured after tweeting out that the American Health Care Act was posted online and received a Congressional Budget Office score.

Strong was referring to the bill prior to being amended to pass the House, tweeting out links to scores dated March 13 and 23.

The modified bill that passed last week has yet to be scored… here’s a quick sampling of some of the abuse Strong endured:

As for Ryan, should his speaker gig bottom out, he can always make a living as a pretty darn good pancake flipper:

Tom Tillison


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