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Two moms ‘with curves that won’t quit’ arrested in sting; sex ad invited men to their home WITH kids

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Granted, prostitutes have long since proven they have few standards, but turning tricks from home with their kids present is pretty low.

Two Pittsburgh mothers were busted for running an alleged online prostitution ring from home after inviting an undercover detective posing as a “john” to the residence, according to The Daily Mail.

…while two children were there.

Brittany Vareha, 27, and Malinda Chalmers, 41, were apparently running an ad on the adult website Escort Babylon, that promised: “Fine female with curves that don’t quit looking to help you relieve your stress.”

hooker ad screenshot

As for the curves, discriminating taste applies:

hooker ad screenshot

Chalmers 15-year-old son was in a back bedroom when the “trick” was supposed to go down, and Vareha’s 4-year-old son was in the living room where drug paraphernalia was present, The Mail reported.

 The women were charged with endangering the welfare of children and prohibited acts, according to the British tabloid. Chalmers was also charged with prostitution and possessing instruments of crime, and Vareha had an outstanding warrant.

Tom Tillison


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