Hacked? Melania Trump ‘likes’ the mother of all tweets, ‘unlikes’ after Twitter explodes

Activity on Melania Trump’s Twitter account caused a stir on social media and many wondered if the first lady had been hacked.

Her official Twitter account liked a tweet by marketer and producer Andy Ostroy which featured a gif of the first lady and President Donald Trump at the inauguration.

“Seems the only #Wall @realdonaldtrump’s built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #Trump,” read the tweet by Ostroy on Tuesday.

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A short time later, the tweet was liked by Melania Trump’s official verified Twitter account, @MELANIATRUMP.

This account, separate from the @FLOTUS account used by the first lady and her staff, was registered in January 2010 and currently has 866,000 followers.

Ostroy questioned the likelihood that it was really Melania who like the tweet.

The like from the @MELANIATRUMP account on his tweet soon disappeared, leaving questions about whether the first lady was hacked or one of her aides accidentally liked the tweet before deleting.

The last tweet from the account was back on Election Day in 2016 and the only other tweet liked by Melania is one of her own back in 2012.

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The like and then its removal set social media into an uproar as Twitter users speculated on countless reasons behind the account’s activity.

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Frieda Powers


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