‘Let him breathe Lord!’ Dramatic raw video of infant’s amazing underwater car rescue is sweeping the nation

A dramatic, lifesaving rescue of an infant and a 2-year-old child trapped underwater in an overturned vehicle is taking the nation by storm.

Good Samaritans are captured on video frantically trying to get to the children after the area near Myrtle Springs, Texas, had been struck by a tornado, ABC affiliate WFAA reported. The clip has been seen more than 12 million times.

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Struggling to get the doors to the vehicle open, the passersby finally succeeded and a man is seen emerging with the lifeless body of the infant in his arms.

A desperate attempt to revive the baby begins. The man recording the incident, Tom Mitchell, put his phone in his pocket to help out, but it’s still recording and the heart wrenching audio is picked up.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, let him breathe Lord!” a woman is heard crying out. “Give him breath, Lord!”

*Caution: Strong Language

“The first prayer she said, I felt a response in that child,” Mitchell told the ABC affiliate.

The father of the children, who was in the vehicle when it overturned, posted online Sunday from a local hospital that his infant son was doing much better. He said his 2-year-old daughter, who also had to be revived, was stable.

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“Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own,” he wrote, according to WFAA.

…as already seen, additional prayers for the child can do wonders.

Tom Tillison


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