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Fed-up Hannity unloads: ‘It’s about silencing every single conservative voice in the country’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity condemned “media fascism” which seeks to silence anyone with opposing views.

The “alt radical” left media bias was the target of Hannity’s scathing opening monologue during Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Tuesday.

“It’s no secret that the alt radical destroy Trump propaganda media – they are completely biased, they’re agenda-driven, they are lazy, they’re ideological,” Hannity said, mincing no words. ” They’re incapable of delivering honest news coverage to you, the American people.”

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He slammed the mainstream media for getting Barack Obama elected without vetting him and colluding with Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign.

“We know that they’re on a mission: to take down President Trump,” Hannity said, adding that they would prefer to have him arrested and jailed. He argued that since they have been unsuccessful so far, “the destroy Trump media” has now taken aim at outlets and people “who refuse to push their biased talking points and fall in line with their agenda.”

The Fox host explained that the attempt to shut down and completely silence what they see as opposition amounts to media fascism.

Hannity referred to media reports accusing him of sexually harassing conservative author Debbie Schlussel as a smear campaign against him. Schlussel later walked back the severity of her claim, citing a misunderstanding.

“The alt radical destroy Trump media quickly, immediately picked up on all the smears and lies. It spread like wildfire all around the country despite the fact that these allegations were completely false,” he said, noting that the media’s attacks were not just personal.

“This isn’t about me or any individual,” he explained. “It is so much bigger. It’s about silencing every single conservative voice in the country.”

Hannity then went on to share “disgusting” video clip examples of how the media set out to destroy Trump the candidate and now as president, even including his wife and family in the attacks.

“If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny,” he concluded.

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham joined Hannity following his opening statement, agreeing with his view.

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“The goal here, Sean, is to intimidate. It is a noxious goal the left has,” Ingraham said. “They want to intimidate and silence good people from speaking out, speaking their minds.”

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