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‘The Five’ puts unhinged liberal ‘Trump haters’ on notice with unbending primetime debut

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Fox isn’t going to bend to liberal lunacy after Bill O’Reilly’s ouster if “The Five” hosts have their way.

Fox News Channel’s “The Five” launched into its new 9pm ET time slot with a look back at the liberal meltdown in President Trump’s first 100 days.

The show debuted its first primetime episode with a look at how the left collectively lost their minds after the president took office, showcasing left-wing celebrities and politicians who cannot come to grips with a Trump administration.

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Co-host Greg Gutfield compared the liberal hysteria over President Trump to realizing “an ex that became more successful than you.”

“I kind of understand where the Trump haters are coming from,” he said. “Imagine investing one or two years of your emotional life into something and that something beats you.”

Clips were played of celebrities like Madonna, who called for blowing up the White House, comedian Sarah Silverman telling Trump to “show his f—ing taxes,” Joy Behar of “The View” demanding he be removed from office and Rep. Maxine waters calling for his impeachment.

Gutfield believed if they stopped long enough, they would realize Trump is a New York Republican which is actually the same as being a midwest Democrat.

Dana Perino noted that Democrats would not agree that they have become “unhinged” but are united in their opposition to a common enemy in Trump.

“The face of the Republican Party looks like Maxine Waters,” new co-host Jesse Watters said. “That’s good news if you’re a Republican because when she’s out there screaming about impeachment and Chuck Schumer’s out there crying, and you have the head of the DNC cursing, that makes Trump look like the adult in the room.”

Bob Beckel countered that Trump’s approval rating in recent polling showed he was in the low 40s. Beckel also took issue with showing the “same, tired celebrities as examples of Trump-haters” when there are “good, common ordinary people” who also do not like or approve of the president.

“But those very people that we’re showing are the reason why your party lost,” Gutfield responded to his co-host. “Because those were the people that demonized the average American that wasn’t being paid attention to by the Democrats.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle argued that Democrats do not even have a credible candidate to run against Trump in a re-election bid, let alone succeed in midterm elections.

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“They haven’t even been able to resonate a coherent message; it’s bordering on hysterical” she said.  “It looks like a few of them should retire like ASAP. They’re not able to come together.”

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