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Dem Congressman tells 11-year-old at a townhall that President Trump is more dangerous than terrorists

Mark DeSaulnier youtube screenshot Democratic Congressman
Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier says President Trump is more dangerous than ISIS terrorists. Oh really?? (YouTube)

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President Trump is more dangerous than ISIS terrorists, says Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.

During an inane town hall meeting in Lafayette, California, DeSaulnier used an 11-year-old girl’s contrived question as a platform to trash Trump.

DeSaulnier read a question from a comment card reportedly written by sixth-grader Eden S,  where she claimed her classmates at school are worried about being deported.

Rather than ease the child’s anxiety, DeSaulnier sadistically stoked her fears, replying:  “I think you should be concerned. I’ve said a few times, the most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist. It’s the person who’s president of the United States.”

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DeSaulnier’s pandering was effective, as he received resounding applause from his leftist constituents. It’s unclear how DeSaulnier can support his stance, given that Trump has not massacred and beheaded Christians, killed innocent people with suicide bombs, drowned people in steel cages, burned them alive, or thrown homosexuals off buildings. These are all things ISIS has done and continues to do every day.

While Democratic lawmakers like Mark DeSaulnier obstruct federal immigration laws by protecting illegal aliens, someone should ask how he would respond to the family members of Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw, who were murdered by illegal aliens.


Meanwhile, Mark DeSaulnier was slammed on Twitter for his ridiculous anti-Trump propaganda.





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