Pollster Frank Luntz: Uncivil left-wing protests ‘will backfire’ on Democrats in 2018

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz predicted the protests Democrats are waging at the town halls held by Republican lawmakers will come back to bite them in the next election.

As liberals have turned out at GOP member town halls across the nation, Luntz believes their rowdy behavior and disrespect “will backfire” on Democrats in 2018.

“They are showing up on their own. They’re not being paid to show up,” the pollster told Fox News host Dana Perino on “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday. “But they’re being organized by people who are paying the organizers.”

Luntz believes the GOP must “challenge” the protesters, like those who yelled “Talk Denham, talk” at California Rep. Jeff Denham’s meeting on Monday.

“Since when do we not call a congressman or congressperson by that title?” he asked. “Remember when [former Sen.] Barbara Boxer said ‘I’ve worked a long time to earn the title of senator’?”

Disruptive leftists caused California Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa to temporarily walk off the stage at his town hall last week, prompting a teenager who attended the meeting to remark that the adults’ “immaturity is astounding.”

“Now the protesters are so uncivil, so disrespectful that I think that’s going to backfire against the Democrats and help the Republicans,” Luntz said.

“In the end, the American people don’t want yelling and screaming,” he concluded. “They want you to get the job done.”

Twitter users debated Luntz’s views and whether outbursts at town halls were organized or just frustrated emotional reactions.

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Frieda Powers


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