Picture of Bernie Sanders ‘popping out of a stripper cake’ was most fun of the day! Thanks, Twitter

Sen. Bernie Sanders seems to have traveled to the land where failed presidential candidates go.

The Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate is not creeping around in the woods like his former rival Hillary Clinton, but a photo he posted on Twitter Friday may not be reaching the resistance they way he intended.

Sanders spoke to Ben & Jerry’s employees at the ice-cream maker’s Vermont factory on Friday. The photo of Sanders speaking from behind a lectern-shaped like a giant pint of ice cream quickly took off on social media.

The contradiction of socialism and capitalism was too obvious to be ignored on Twitter.

But the imagery of the 75-year-old “popping out of an ice cream carton like a nudie dancer at a bachelor party” demanded a response on Twitter.

Twitter users also provided a salute to the Vermont-based ice cream company’s newest “flavor.”

Many were grateful to the senator for providing a healthy dose of comedy to their day.

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Frieda Powers


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