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Hegseth on fire: ‘The commanders and the guys on the ground have wanted to unleash hell on ISIS’

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Army veteran and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth believes the U.S. strike on ISIS targets in Afghanistan following the death of a U.S. Green Beret shows America is ready to “unleash hell” on its enemies.

Hegseth praised President Trump’s decision to drop the ‘mother of all bombs” on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan Thursday during his appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

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The Pentagon may deny that the bombing was a “direct response” to the death of the Green Beret, who was killed by small-arms fire while operating against ISIS targets last week, but a message was still sent, Hegseth pointed out.

“You take one of ours, President Trump and the commanders and generals in Afghanistan said, ‘We’re going to go after you and unleash hell on you,'” he told host Stuart Varney. “That’s exactly what happened.”

Hegseth, an Army combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the president has effectively untied the hands of the U.S. military who are “proud of him.”

“The commanders and the guys on the ground have wanted to unleash hell on ISIS and on the Taliban and on Al Qaeda for decades,”he said. “But rules of engagement, politically motivated commanders, constraints from the White House, have prevented them from fighting the kind of total war that you need to.”

He added that although this is only “one strike and one step,” it is “the right step” and will motivate the troops on the ground.

Hegseth also noted that Trump has given military commander the “latitude” they have needed to make decisions rather than force decision-making upward as it was under former President Obama, creating delays and “risk aversion” on the battlefield.

“That’s not how you win wars. You win wars by viciously and violently defeating your enemy and that’s by using the assets you have at your availability,” he said. “If you take them off the shelf, as we’ve done, you can’t wage the kind of war you want.”

Hegseth believes the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan sent a clear message.

“America is back,” he said, adding that Trump is now dealing with Obama’s “mess.”

“This world is messy because America was gone, and appeased and apologized for eight years,” Hegseth said. “We need to fight this war. It was brought to us, but we have to be critical about how we’ve waged it.”

He praised the president’s latest action saying his decision are sending a message to every enemy of the United States.

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“If you oppose us, we’re going to find you and we’re going to kill you,” he said.

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