Sympathetic Perino offers Spicer friendly advice; asks how ‘hard’ Trump was on him after Hitler blunder

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer found some support and sympathy from Dana Perino, someone who understands his job well.

Perino, the former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, spoke with Spicer about the controversy he sparked with his ill-phrased comment on Tuesday about Hitler.

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“It was just unfortunate that my mistake helped create a distraction from the president and the great work he’s doing for this country,” Spicer told guest host Perino on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday.

He apologized again for his error in comparing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Adolph Hitler, acknowledging that he unintentionally offended many people and let down President Trump.

Perino asked Spicer what a lot of people wanted to know… How did Trump react to the media blunder?

“Sean, were you a little harder on yourself than even the president was?” Perino asked him.

Spicer praised Trump as “one of the most gracious bosses” and said he did get to speak with him about the gaffe.

“This is an awesome responsibility and a great privilege and honor to have this position,” Spicer continued, adding that he is hard on himself especially “when you’re guilty of making a mistake.”

“It’s disappointing to myself,” he said.

Perino listened sympathetically and offered him some encouragement.

“I do think you’re a little harder on yourself than you need to be,” she said, adding that the greatest lessons she learned during her time serving as press secretary were about “dignity, graciousness, empathy, and certainly humility.”

“There’s no job that will humble you like the White House Press Secretary’s job,” Perino concluded.


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