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‘O’Reilly Factor’ reportedly being cut back to four days a week, but not for reasons some might think

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Bill O’Reilly‘s contract was quietly renewed with Fox News recently amid swirling allegations of sexual harassment and it is now being reported that he will be hosting “The O’Reilly Factor” just four days a week.

…which regular viewers will tell you is business as usual, as O’Reilly has been taking most Friday’s off for months now.

It’s likely he simply had this incorporated into his new contract, but that didn’t stop some in the media from putting a spin on the news about the “No Spin Zone.”

Case in point, The Hill reported on this by saying his show is being “reduced” to four days a week and the lede paragraph cleverly linked it to claims of sexual harassment.

Politico initially reported that “The O’Reilly Factor” will air Monday through Friday, with a new Friday-night spinoff show called “Friday Factor” said to be in the works.

The online news source going with the less innocuous explanation that O’Reilly “cuts back his schedule.”

More from Politico:

A Fox spokesperson said that “Friday Factor” has actually been in place for the past few weeks in the television listings. But viewers tuning in for the past three months of Friday nights wouldn’t see any sign of the new name or show. The opening introduction and logo are the same as when O’Reilly hosts, and the guest hosts all say they are sitting in for Bill O’Reilly, or that he’s out on assignment.

The Fox News spokesperson did not immediately respond to follow up questions about whether there will be further changes to the Friday evening broadcast to distinguish it from “The O’Reilly Factor.”


O’Reilly is currently on an announced Easter vacation, although New York Magazine is claiming he will not be returning as advertisers bail… but don’t count on that happening.

Stay tuned!


Tom Tillison


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