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When you buy Chobani yogurt, you’re supporting refugees. Because American citizens don’t need jobs?

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chobani muslim refugees Hamdi Ulukaya When you buy Chobani yogurt, you’re supporting refugees.

That’s what Hamdi Ulukaya, founder of Chobani, wants his customers to know. Ulukaya, a Muslim who immigrated to the United States from Turkey in 1994, has made it a priority to hire Middle Eastern refugees at his U.S. plants.

The self-made billionaire who owns America’s bestselling Greek yogurt brand said helping refugees is one of his major goals, and the best way to help is to give them jobs.

“The No. 1 thing that you can do is provide them jobs,” Ulukay told 60 Minutes. “The minute they get a job, that’s the minute they stop being a refugee.”

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Ulukaya’s efforts to help refugees find work is welcome news to overburdened American taxpayers, since welfare use among Muslim refugees is alarmingly widespread.

Last year, Hamdi Ulukaya came under fire after announcing he would prioritize hiring Middle Eastern migrants over American workers. Ulukaya has since walked that back, pointing out that he also hires Americans.

Chobani was especially targeted at its manufacturing plant in Idaho, where residents expressed concern that employing refugees could fuel a spike in crime amid the Muslim rape epidemic and rash of terrorist attacks roiling Europe.

Last week, three refugees (from Iraq and Eritrea) pled guilty to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Idaho. The boys allegedly made “her naked and urinated in her mouth,” among other disgusting claims.

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In January, Hamdi Ulukaya slammed President Trump’s plan to temporarily halt the flow of refugees from war-torn Muslim nations where vetting isn’t possible. Ulukaya then hired a team of attorneys to help any of his employees who might be affected by Trump’s temporary travel ban.

Ulukaya vowed: “[We at Chobani] have their backs every day and every step of the way.”

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