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‘Who stole my President?’ Coulter and others go hard on Trump’s promise to stay out of the Middle East

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In the wake of President Trump’s decision to seemingly abandon the principles of foreign non-intervention that helped propel him to the presidency, many of his most passionate supporters during the campaign haven’t been shy about expressing their disappointment.

Especially when the president himself, as a private citizen, clearly understood the fact very little has gone well when the United States becomes involved in the Middle East.

Granted, it’s important for all sides not to rush to judgment, yet. While Trump is literally playing with fire here, there’s a huge difference between specifically targeted strikes designed to send a message and so-called “regime change,” which cannot possibly work. However, it could be an ominous fact that the media, Democrats, and neocons all seem to be on the Trump Train now, at least on this issue, while those who supported him from the beginning to a significant degree BECAUSE he was non-interventionist are disappointed.

President Trump has already done a LOT of good for conservatives and will continue to do so, but if his presidency gets bogged down in another pointless war in the Middle East, one term may be all he’ll get to make America great again.


Who stole my president indeed? There’s also this:


And this:


Conservative author, commentator, and ardent Trump supporter Ann Coulter, the author of the book “In Trump We Trust” released a scathing tweetstorm that shows that may no longer be the case…

On the other side of the pond, some key UKIP Trump allies are upset with this decision as well.


And plenty of politicians and media figures in the United States:


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