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Freedom Watch attorney pleads for Obama to return from ‘partying in grass skirts’ so he can be served!

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Founder of Freedom Watch and attorney, Larry Klayman, is calling on former President Obama to quit partying on the beaches of Polynesia and get back home to face justice.

The former federal prosecutor is waiting to serve Obama with two lawsuits he filed against him for “inciting violence” against President Donald Trump following his executive order halting immigration into the U.S. for those coming from several Muslim countries.

Klayman, also the founder of the watchdog group Judicial Watch, said the former president was responsible for “stoking that violence” and is guilty of doing other things as well.

“Barack Hussein Obama as of today is off in Polynesia. Apparently, he’s going to be there for over a month and a half,” Klayman said in a Freedom Watch video published Friday.

“I can only picture him on the beach in a grass skirt perhaps dancing around because he’s happy right now that President Trump’s presidency is being destroyed,” he continued. “It’s clear that the people around him, having released classified information to smear President Trump, that’s coming out more and more each day. That’s illegal. That’s a crime. It’s clear that he must be behind it.”

Klayman attempted to serve Obama with the lawsuits at “his palatial mansion” in Kalorama, Washington, D.C. He noted in the video that Obama “always criticized the one-percenters in this country for ripping off the rest.”

However, the attorney said, Obama is “now living as a point-one-percenter, in great luxury. He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars as a matter of fact. You have to ask yourself, how did he amass that while he was president?”

Klayman accused Obama of “skating” from the crimes committed during his administration.

“We need to ramp up, we need more resources,” Klayman said, appealing to viewers to contribute to the cause of Freedom Watch in holding Obama accountable.

“We need to take on these very evil forces who are still, in what people have called the Deep State, embedded in our government,” he said. “Obama people are still there. And so are Clinton’s people and they want to destroy the Trump presidency.”

Klayman urged those listening to join the “second American Revolution” that his organization is engaged in.

“We need you. We are waging a second American, peaceful, non-violent revolution,” he said. “And we need you as our troops.”

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