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Why a 2013 Sean Hannity tweet spread like wildfire Friday, and how he used it to trigger the left

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With all the focus on old tweets to shame President Donald Trump over his previous stance on Syria, an old tweet from Fox News’ Sean Hannity is also capturing the fancy of the left.

The tweet was in response to former President Barack Obama calling for military action against Syria in 2013 — which never happened — after more than 1,400 people were killed in a chemical attack near Damascus.

“Glad our arrogant Pres. is enjoying his taxpayer-funded golf outing after announcing the US should take military action against Syria,” Hannity tweeted at the time.


Critics were quick to pounce, mocking Hannity for supporting the president’s military action against Syria this week.

But the avid Trump supporter fired back Friday afternoon, removing any ambiguity about the message he was trying to portray back then.

“Alt left distorts meaning of my tweet in 2013. … The point was clear–he is arrogant, lazy, & his threats meaningless,” Hannity tweeted.


Of course, for the left, it’s sacrilege to criticize Obama for anything. And to call him lazy?

With so much success at playing the race card the past eight years, the response was predictable:

Tom Tillison


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