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THREE tickets? Trump-hater Shia LaBeouf has THE worst week ever, ends in public meltdown

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Turns out, left-wing nut job Shia LaBeouf was not up to the task of being the center of attention.

The anti-Trump “performance artist” was already having a rough week when his war thriller “Man Down” managed to sell a whopping THREE tickets during its opening in the U.K. — and that was at two separate venues on different nights.

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This being a follow-up to his failed anti-Trump protest that was mocked unmercifully everywhere it surfaced, forcing him to move it across the pond.

All of which may or may not be why LaBeouf reportedly spent three hours this week “pounding back” brews at an Los Angeles bowling alley, according to TMZ.

But the beer binge came to a screeching halt when LaBeouf was kicked out after going off on a bartender, the entertainment site reported.

Apparently, LaBeouf got into a heated confrontation after a bartender refused to serve him french fries, prompting LaBeouf to call him a “f***ing racist.”

Hey, it’s the prerequisite fallback for unhinged liberals.

But being unhinged has its consequences, like storming out of a bowling alley while still wearing your bowling shoes — an unfortunate reality LaBeouf figured out at some point, prompting him to return to the establishment.

The return engagement featured a full scale mental melt down, as seen below… poor soul is just too high strung.

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