CNN correspondent takes not-so-subtle dig at Melania, but denies she’s being critical of first lady

A CNN correspondent described Melania Trump as “stiff” but insisted it was not meant as a criticism of the first lady.

Michelle Kosinski on CNN Wednesday discussed Trump’s appearance at the International Women of Courage award ceremony at the State Department last week, leveling some jabs at how “uncomfortable” the first lady seemed in the setting.

The network’s senior diplomatic correspondent critically noted that Trump did not appear at a luncheon following the ceremony which honored 13 women from different nations who have demonstrated courage and leadership.

“So the entire conversation in that room was about Melania Trump’s appearance,you know, and how uncomfortable she seemed,” Kosinski told CNN host Brooke Baldwin.

“It was very stiff. She was obviously reading with some difficulty — which you know is not her fault — from the teleprompter, but, you know, an extremely controlled, extremely scripted appearance,” Kosinski said, describing Trump’s speech to the attendees.

“It was a hugely emotional ceremony, but she was still kind of stiff throughout,” she added before qualifying her comments.

“You know, that’s not a criticism,” Kosinski said. “It’s just that she’s obviously uncomfortable in these situations.”

Kosinski’s attempt to dismiss her criticism as not being criticism launched a fair level of backlash on social media as Twitter users called her out.

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