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Did you miss the ‘Unafraid Gay Muslim Dance Party’ in front of Ivanka Trump’s house last night?

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Leftists love to protest, even when they’re confused about who or what they’re protesting.

Hundreds of LGBTQ activists stormed Ivanka Trump’s Washington D.C. neighborhood on Saturday to protest “climate change.” They obviously don’t realize that Ivanka supports gay rights and environmental causes.

In a Facebook post, the group described the protest as a “dance party” to “send the clear message that our climate and our communities matter.” It’s unclear what gay rights have to do with climate change, but logic was never a leftist strong suit, so we’ll just leave that there.

The event was chronicled on Twitter by Media Research Center’s Ashley Rae Goldenberg, who posted photos and videos of the motley crew of protesters.



The clueless crowd demanded that Ivanka come out of her house, even though she was away in New York this weekend.


The raucous mob shouted, played loud music and danced in front of Ivanka’s home, annoying her neighbors with the noise and trash.

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In addition to slamming Ivanka (who’s pro-gay rights and environmental causes), the anarchists also slammed Russia and Vladimir Putin.


Ashley Rae Goldenberg posted this ironic photo of a gay Muslim protester declaring he’s “Muslim, gay and unafraid.”


Goldenberg pointed out that the gay Muslim can be unafraid in the United States, because gays don’t get killed for being homosexual like they do in Muslim countries.



The protest was obviously poorly organized, because Ivanka wasn’t even at home this weekend.

According to her Instagram account, Ivanka was in New York on Saturday, where she hosted her son Theodore’s 1st birthday party. The view from the window is clearly from Trump Tower.

Police said the protest ended peacefully after a few hours.

It’s unclear what the event accomplished, except to annoy Ivanka’s neighbors, most of whom are liberals based on the demographics of her D.C. neighborhood.

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