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War of words builds quickly when Trump fires major warning shot at Freedom Caucus

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President Donald Trump targeted the House Freedom Caucus Thursday on Twitter for blocking House approval of his American Health Care Act last week.

Clip via Fox News Channel

He said that he may very well have to battle both the Democratic Party as well as members of the conservative group during the midterm elections in order to assure his administration’s agenda wins approved.

The president tweeted:

Rep. Jim Jordan, a Freedom Caucus co-founder, declined to rise to the bait during his “America’s Newsroom” appearance.

“We appreciate the president,” the Ohio Republican said. “We’re trying to help the president, but the fact is you have to look at the legislation.”

He said that his primary goal is to do what he feels is best for his constituents.

“I’m not here to assign blame to anyone…what I focus on doing is doing what I told the voters we’re going to do.”

But last week’s dust-up also resulted in friction within the caucus itself, particularly with two Texas delegation members — Rep. Ted Poe, who resigned from the group because of the healthcare fracas, and Brian Babin, who’s considering doing the same, according to The Hill.

“It’s something that will be a decision in the future, OK?” Babin told The Hill.

Speaker Ryan also chimed in, saying he “understands the President’s frustration.”

The response was mixed, but mostly critical of President Trump’s stance:


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