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Tucker asks the question on every conservative’s mind: What if GOP blew off laws like Democrats?

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What conservative hasn’t wondered how they get away with it?

Tucker Carlson wants to know what kind of country America would be if Republicans acted “like Democrats” in ignoring the law.

Carlson slammed Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois during Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday, calling her out for her “reckless” actions in allegedly tipping off illegal immigrants to impending raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials

DuBois “thinks so little of those laws” she was elected to uphold, Carlson argued, that she “actively encourages people to defy or ignore them.”

“That’s not just ironic, it’s reckless, ” he added.

“We live in a society based on the expectation that good people will follow rules and those who don’t will be punished,” he said, noting that the rule of law is not some fantasy idea that Superman upholds.

“Undermine it, and at some point civilization starts to fall apart,” Carlson said, pointing to examples of how the rule of law allows Americans to have secure bank accounts and to take medicine without fear of being poisoned.

He believes Democrats like DuBois may soon reap what they are sowing by playing this “dangerous game.”

“How long before the other side responds in kind on behalf of their preferred causes?” Carlson asked.

What if Republican officials stopped upholding federal gun laws because they disagreed with the policies or if a Republican governor refused to send police to protect an abortion clinic under attack, Carlson said in giving examples.

“What would happen if Republicans started acting like Democrats and behaving like laws don’t matter?” he concluded. “The country wouldn’t last long.”

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