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Is sore loser Franken’s ridiculous reason to vote ‘no’ on Gorsuch plain ignorance or serious sour grapes?

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Sen. Al Franken surprised no one when he announced he would not be voting to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I’m announcing here that I’m going to vote against him,” the Democratic Minnesota senator told WCCO-TV on Sunday.

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The former”Saturday Night Live” comedian apparently based his decision on the feeling that Gorsuch “won’t put himself in others’ shoes,” and will rule in favor of corporations.

He then went on – and on – about Gorsuch’s dissent on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals against a driver for a Kansas trucking company who was fired for not following his company’s orders when he was caught on the road in freezing conditions.

Apparently, President’s Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is unqualified for the job in Franken’s view based on this assessment.

“I fear that he’s going to be part of another 5-4 Roberts Court that rules for corporations,” he said.

Franken seems to be in agreement with fellow Sen. Kamala Harris who stated she would not be voting to confirm Gorsuch because he values “legalisms over real lives.”

Apparently Democrats have a problem with judges deciding cases based on the law.

After hours of ridiculous questions from Democrats during last week’s confirmation hearings, many were convinced the patient and even-tempered Gorsuch may have actually rolled his eyes during Franken’s inane questioning.

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