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Dems go nuts after hearing Nunes was on White House grounds before announcing bombshell last week

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Oh hell no!

That’s basically what Congressman Devin Nunes said in response to Democrats demanding he step down as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (which has oversight of the FBI and CIA, among others)

When asked if Nunes would step down or recuse himself from the Russia election probe, his communications director said no way. “Of course not,” Jack Langer said (via the Hill). “They’re playing an absurd political game.”

Nunes doubled down Monday night on The O’Reilly Factor. “Dems want me to quit because I’m quite effective at getting to the truth,” Nunes said.

Democratic lawmakers have asked Nunes to step down amid reports that he had been on the White House grounds last week before publicly announcing that President Trump‘s transition team had been incidentally spied on by the Obama administration.

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Nunes’ findings bolstered Trump’s claims that former president Obama had spied on him during the presidential campaign, when he was still a private citizen.

Democrats are furious that Nunes had relayed these findings to the president of the United States before sharing the information with the House Intelligence Committee. Devin Nunes later apologized for the lapse in protocol, but said he did nothing wrong.

On Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded that Nunes recuse himself from the investigation into alleged collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign (for which there is NO concrete evidence).

Nunes explained that (1) he was on the White House grounds to review top-secret documents that can only be reviewed in a secure room, and (2) it’s normal for members of the House Intelligence Committee to go to the White House grounds once or twice a week because it has classified documents that committee members can only view there.

“It’s pretty common,” Congressman Nunes said.

Nunes said instead of wasting time with moonbat conspiracy theories that Trump had colluded with the Russians (for which everyone concedes there is “no evidence”), lawmakers should be more concerned about the unmasking of private citizens via illegal press leaks from the intelligence community.

Not surprisingly, pitchfork-wielding snowflake Democrats had another collective meltdown on Twitter.

Republicans responded to the leftist whining with a combination of pity and sarcasm.





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