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‘Who comes up with this?’ Media’s ‘over-the-top’ Trump-slamming coverage too much, even for Cavuto

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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto called the media on the carpet Monday for constantly calling President Donald Trump on the carpet.

Cavuto accurately noted that he is not a big defender of Trump, who he said does not like him much, but said the media’s response to everything the president does is “not right.”

“This over-the-top negative media response to what he does — well, that’s not right or fair,” he said.

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One example offered included the media calling the Wall Street sell-off following the Republican health care plan debacle the “Trump slump,” with Cavuto pointing out that the same media ignored the stock run up following Trump’s election.

Another example offered was a CNN opinion piece questioning if Trump is “already a lame duck president,” just two months into his term.

“Who comes up with this quack?” Cavuto asked, pun intended. “Where is the balance in that? Where is the fairness in that?”

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