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Masked anti-Trump goons face felony charges; swift justice over Huntington Beach brawl

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Justice for President Donald Trump‘s supporters was swift this time out.

The sight of anti-Trump goons, often in masks, breaking up rallies supporting the president are becoming all too commonplace.

But despite their cowardly disguise, six were caught following the melee at a Huntington Beach, California rally, and authorities aren’t making it easy for them.

Four of them, possibly more, are looking at felony charges.

“At least four were arrested and facing felony charges after several beach brawls break out in Huntington Beach … [after] a Make America Great Again rally turned violent” Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

Ironically, the violence broke out moments after event organizer Jennifer Sterling asked that the rally remains peaceful.

The event attracted Trump supporters from all over Southern California — unfortunately, it was also a lightning rod for the thugs.

“I feel someone tugging on my flag,” a first-time rally participant told Fox 11’s Mark Thompson. “All I did was turn around to see who was tugging on it and he punched me right in the face. Flat in the face .. he just cold-cocked me!”

Despite charges, anti-Trump protest organizers took an “it wasn’t us” attitude. They can tell it to the judge.

Despite the trouble. the rally-goers called the march for Trump a success. Sterling said she wasn’t at all surprised that they “had a few knuckleheads show up.”

Police reported that six protesters were detained, at least four of whom are facing felony charges that include the illegal use of pepper spray.

The rally’s protesters may have had pepper spray, but the police had something far more effective — their canine support unit.

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The protesters — at least this one — obviously failed spelling in school.

In the end the Trump supporters emerged victorious.


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