Mere sight of Donald Trump’s Jr’s adorable kid wearing an ‘Ernie’ hat sends libs into an ignorant rage

“When they go low, we go high.”

Apparently liberals have forgotten their rallying cry as they unleashed a shameful attack on President Donald Trump’s granddaughter.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a photo of his two year-old daughter Chloe wearing an Ernie hat on Twitter Wednesday.

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The adorable photo of Trump Jr.’s youngest child sporting her Sesame Street character hat included hashtags for family and family time.

Unhinged liberals were outraged by the photo and leveled nasty insults at the toddler and her family.


The left hates the president so much that they saw no problem in their classless rants against the two year old and her father.

Wait, what?

Many of the comments were focused on Chloe’s Ernie hat.

Can someone let the uninformed know that Sesame Street moved over to HBO while Barack Obama was president?

Thankfully there were plenty of Twitter users who thought the photo was adorable and one who even called out all the nastiness.

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Frieda Powers


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