KitchenAid accused of ‘everyday sexism’ over product line promo; so this is the threshold, now?

KitchenAid just can’t seem to get it right with liberal women.

In a charitable effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness, KitchenAid found itself at the receiving end of feminist outrage when it announced its new “KitchenAid for Women” products, Fox News reported.

The intention of the line of pink products aimed at women to raise funds and awareness was apparently lost on some like Twitter user Hazel Davis.

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“Are you actually serious, KitchenAid?” Davis wrote with the hashtag #everydaysexism in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Davis claimed the breast cancer awareness information was not really visible on the ad. Others missed the company’s aim as well and attacked KitchenAid for daring to make pink products “for women.”

“Nowhere on the ad, until you looked much further, did it say anything about the charity, it was just a sea of bright pink with the words ‘for women’ which I am so, so, so sick of seeing,” Davis told The Huffington Post UK. ““Why does everything to do with women have to be pink? Why can’t I care about cancer awareness and buy red items?”

KitchenAid responded via Twitter:

“We apologize for any offense caused. The web page has been removed,” Alessandra Romagna, a marketing director at KitchenAid, told The Huffington Post UK. ““Our intention was to highlight the ‘Cook for the Cure’ program, which gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support a meaningful cause.”

According to Fox News, Davis later tweeted, “I fully support cancer awareness, of course. I just objected to the ‘pink for women’ bit. The end.”

But that was far from “the end” on Twitter where the tweets poured in calling out the loony leftist and feminist rants against KitchenAid. Some criticized the company for giving in to Davis and other “perpetually offended” feminists.

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