Ingraham says there’s one thing motivating Dems and it’s not necessarily the truth: ‘Let’s be really blunt…’

Laura Ingraham is known — and frequently disliked — for her candid, pull no punches approach to politics and that acerbic style was on display Tuesday while commenting on the Democratic Party’s all out war on President Donald Trump.

While discussing the FBI investigation into possible Russian influence in the U.S. election on “Fox & Friends,” the radio talk show host said the opposition’s goal is get Trump out of the White House.

An avid supporter of the president, Ingrahan acknowledged Trump’s tweet about his predecessor wiretapping Trump Tower was “a mistake.”

“I think he should stay focused on the things he promised the country,” she said.

As for the FBI investigation, Ingraham said that will run its course but Democrats will use the probe to get Trump “off track and to try to hurt his credibility.”

“They want him out. … They want him to resign or they want him to be impeached,” she insisted. “That’s what the Democrats are after.”

“Let’s be really blunt with what’s going on here.”

The only thing missing from that assessment is the heavy assist coming from much of the national media.

Social media users were skeptical of the Democrats’ chances of succeeding… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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