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How would mom have handled it? Parody of family crashing dad’s online BBC interview is even FUNNIER

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Robert Kelly and his family became reluctant social media stars when a serious discussion on South Korea being broadcast on BBC was reduced to a comedy of errors when Kelly’s 4-year-old daughter burst on the scene, followed by her baby brother in a walker.

Turns out, the associate professor of Political Science at Pusan National University was being interviewed from his home office in South Korea.

The priceless moment, seen by millions worldwide, lives on in the cyber world.

New Zealand’s premiere comedy duo, Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce offered up a parody of the original in what they described as a “shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!”

The spoof shows a female equivalent to Professor Kelly handling the same situation with the efficiency only a mother of young children could muster.


The multi-tasking mom never misses a beat as she calmly solves the problems of the world and takes care of two toddlers.

…and even prepares a chicken dinner!


Watch the hilarious scenario unfold below and see if you agree:

Tom Tillison


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