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‘Obamacare is dead’: Trump touts successful meeting with GOP, vows he’ll get the votes for new plan

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President Donald Trump wants Americans to know that the curtain has fallen on Obamacare.

“I want people to know Obamacare is dead; it’s a dead healthcare plan,” Trump said during a meeting with conservative lawmakers in the Oval Office on Friday.

“Only because everyone knows it’s on its last, dying feet, the fake news is trying to say good things about it, the fake media. There is no good news about ObamaCare.,” he added. “ObamaCare is dead.”

The president declared he is “100 percent” committed to the House GOP’s ObamaCare replacement plan.

“I want to let the world know I am 100 percent in favor,” Trump said, with Vice President Mike Pence nodding in agreement beside him as they met with 13 members of the Republican Study Committee who were there to support the bill.

“These folks were no’s, mostly no’s, yesterday, and now every single one is a yes,” Trump said, pointing to those in the room, many of whom had opposed the bill prior to Friday’s meeting with the president. He noted that “certain changes” were made to the bill making it more acceptable but he did not offer details.

“The press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be,” he said.

The American Health Care Act has faced expected opposition from Democrats but even some GOP lawmakers have been hesitant to get on board with moderate Republicans expressing concerns over cuts to the Medicaid program.

According to the administration, there was drop from the 12.7 million people enrolled in ObamaCare plans last year to 12.2 million people enrolled for 2017.

“Plans are going to come out like nobody’s ever seen before,” as insurance companies will be bidding for clients, Trump promised.

He noted that it would “take a little while” before the new plan “wells together” but repeated that there is no saving the Affordable Care Act, former President Obama’s signature policy.

“Its on a respirator and its just about ready to implode,” Trump said.

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