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Former MTV reality star: Trump is doing more for black America than Snoop Dogg

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A former MTV star and wife of a Republican congressman defended President Donald Trump in his response to rapper Snoop Dogg.

“I’m really glad that Donald Trump is tweeting about it,” Rachel Campos-Duffy, said during a Fox News panel discussion Wednesday, saying the president is “exposing the hypocrisy” and the violence of liberals.

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The president tweeted a remark about Snoop Dogg’s controversial new video which includes a mock assassination of Trump dressed as a clown. “Jail time!” he commented after wondering what would happen if the video had portrayed former President Obama instead.

“There’s a lot of Republican politicians out there who don’t even know who Snoop Dogg is,” Campos-Duffy, wife of Rep. Sean Duffy, said.

“Donald Trump’s a creature of pop culture. And I think it’s good that he’s engaging and exposing them because the more liberals do this, it’s highly unlikable,” she added.

The former star of MTV’s “Real World” slammed the rapper and his video for “glamorizing” lifestyles that don’t help people break the cycles of poverty.

“Who’s doing more to make black America great again?” she asked. “Snoop Dogg, who’s glamorizing drug culture, gang culture — or Donald Trump, who’s making our economy better and making it easier for people to start businesses and get out of cycles of poverty?”

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