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Robert Davi rips conservative Hollywood for ‘hiding in the shadows,’ says it’s time to ‘grow a pair’

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Actor Robert Davi offered his conservative colleagues in Hollywood a stinging assessment.

“Conservatives in Hollywood simply lack balls,” Davis said in an opinion piece published by Breitbart on Monday.

“My dear friends: satirical, biting political humor has long been a fixture of Hollywood. But I do not ever remember this degree of fear and hatred,” the outspoken conservative actor noted, adding that the “fear and hatred” emerging out of Hollywood since President Trump was elected concerns him.

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“The left in Hollywood are quick to flaunt their political allegiances; this provides them the ability to both grow in number and maintain their level of influence. Meanwhile, the right in Hollywood, for the most part, hide in the shadows and cower,” he wrote.

Actors who do speak up are attacked as “irrelevant” or “not A-list enough” and are therefore intimidated into silence, he explained.

“Hollywood conservatives do a disservice to their ideology and the country by not respectfully letting their views be known. This lets the left piss all over you,” Davi argued.

The 63 year-old actor, who is also a singer and radio talk show host, challenged Hollywood liberals last month to back their complaints about Trump’s policies by inviting illegal aliens and unvetted refugees to the Academy Awards and Oscars after-parties. He was also a speaker at February’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

In his Breitbart piece, Davi noted that blaming Trump for the division in the nation is “a lie and a commonly-used excuse.”

“We in Hollywood can help pull this country together instead of breaking it apart any further. We owe that responsibility to our youth,” Davi added.

He called on conservatives to come out “in force, with ideas and respect and instead of looking at the left as an enemy to hide from,” even suggesting a “conference of Left and Right” as a “meeting for those on the left and we on the right to come together as AMERICANS, and not as each other’s enemy.”

“My dear fellow Hollywood conservatives: do we not as a minority deserve a place at the table? And my dear liberal progressive Hollywood elites: are we not all Americans?” Davi concluded, signing off with, “Unemployed, but with big balls.”

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