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‘I live inside your brain’: CNN debate on immigration turns ugly when smug liberal starts losing

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A  debate on CNN about immigration was derailed as guests turned on each other with personal attacks.

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo took on California State Senate Leader Kevin de León on the topic of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. in a discussion on CNN Friday.

Tancredo disagreed with de León who slammed the Trump administration for actions that allegedly will hurt illegal immigrants.

“It all boils down to: did you break the law when you came here,” Tancredo said, explaining that what illegal immigrants are facing now is an expected consequence of violating the law.

De León countered that what the federal government is saying officially about not targeting certain undocumented immigrants is not the reality that is being played out in the nation. He then turned to personally blasting Tancredo and the former Republican congressman’s record.

The California Democrat slammed Tancredo’s “legacy” of undermining immigration reform. Tancredo defended his record and argued that legal immigrants should be asked what they think of the support and benefits being demanded for those who did not follow the rules.

“Tom, if you could calm down just a tad bit,” de León shot back. The two then began to talk over each other with de León repeatedly asking Tancredo, in what sounded like a condescending tone, to calm down while he insisted he was “perfectly calm.”

As host Erin Burnett tried to restore order to the segment, Tancredo fired off a final shot in response to de León’s criticism of his congressional record.

“How does this always get to me? What’s that got to do with it?” he asked. “You’ve got me on your…I live inside your brain, you know that?”

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