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Shep Smith goes ballistic on Trump, earns at least 2 new uber-lib celeb fans and whole lotta backlash

Shepard Smith has lost all credibility with his over-the-top rants.

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Shepard Smith needs to get a grip.

The anti-Trump Fox News host went off on yet another unhinged rant where he slammed the Trump administration for “a lot of lying!”

Smith was reacting to revelations that fired national security adviser Michael Flynn had lobbied for the Turkish government last year before he was hired to Trump’s cabinet.

During a segment introducing AP reporter Julie Bykowicz, Smith totally went off. He crossed the line when he insisted that the Trump administration talked to the Russians when there’s NO PROOF of these claims:

There’s been a lot of lying, Julie! There’s been lying about who you talk to, and by lots of people. And almost inevitably and invariably, they were lying about talking to the Russians, about something. It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke!

Underscoring that Trump made the right decision in firing him, Flynn registered this week with the Department of Justice’s foreign agent registration unit, admitting he was paid $530,000 last year while working for a company owned by a Turkish businessman.

As a private citizen, Flynn was allowed to do that, but he should have registered with the DOJ much earlier.

Unemployed moonbats Rosie O’Donnell and Cher praised Shepard Smith’s tirade. Neither seems to realize that as a “news” anchor, Smith is supposed to present the news objectively — not inject his personal opinions or use his platform to spew anti-Trump rants.

Last month, Fox News viewers made renewed calls for Smith to be fired after another round of attacks against President Trump. Smith never called out Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for their mountain of lies.


While libs on Twitter agreed with Rosie and Cher, others said Smith has to go. Not because he’s anti-Trump, but because he’s an unprofessional partisan hack.







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