Professor’s mortified when kids crash live BBC news interview, but it gets REAL when frazzled wife appears

Oh, the perks and pitfalls of working from home.

Add live television and small children to the mix and it can be a recipe for unintended gaffes.

Footage from a BBC broadcast showed the moment a serious discussion on South Korea was interrupted by the family of Robert Kelly who was being interviewed from his home office.

Kelly, an associate professor of Political Science at Pusan National University in Busan, was attempting to answer a live question about the impeachment of the country’s president when his four year-old daughter burst on the scene.

Sporting a bright yellow shirt, Marion entered the room with a bit of a dancing march and sidled up to her father’s elbow as he spoke to BBC broadcaster James Mernendez.

Not to be left out, baby brother James crashed through in his walker a few moments later.

But the slapstick reached a crescendo as Kelly’s wife, Jung-a Kim, skidded into the room and proceeded to drag the children out.

The 44 year-old political science professor apologized and, never turning his gaze away from the screen, attempted to finish the interview. At the other end, Menendez kept it together as well.

Image: screenshot BBC News

One of the children could be heard crying as Kelly’s wife successfully removed them from the room. In a final comical moment, the frantic mother is seen almost crawling back in an attempt to close the door unnoticed.

“Hard to keep a straight face,” Menendez tweeted in response to the posted video online.

He also admitted what “nearly did it” for him during the interview.

The posted video became an instant internet hit and Twitter users were thankful for the laugh.

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Frieda Powers


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