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Folks offer pointers for Kirsten Powers who’s super-sad because flooding of illegal immigrants slowed

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CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers blasted a new immigration report that indicated a decline in illegal immigration at the nation’s Southwest border.

The former Fox News contributor failed to see the benefits of a 40 percent plunge in illegal border crossings since President Trump took office, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reports.

CNN host Kate Bolduan suggested to a panel of guests on Thursday that the drop in numbers was a good thing and perhaps the Trump administration should get “credit” for that.

“If you believe that it’s a good thing that people — for example refugees who are fleeing Central America, very dangerous circumstances — no longer are coming to the United States as refugees, then I guess yes, it’s a good thing,” Powers countered.

“I don’t think that’s a good thing,” she continued. “I think what that says is people no longer are seeing the United States as a refuge for them.”

Powers argued that there was no specific cause reported for the drop in numbers but increased rates charged by smugglers to sneak people into the U.S. as well as “inhumane things like General [John] Kelly talking about separating mothers from children” could be factors.

“Does that work? Yes. Guess what? That does scare people. But the question is that what we want our policy to be, to scare people who are trying to flee violence?” she asked.

Bolduan and other panelists seemed to disagree and saw the decrease in illegal border crossings as a good thing for the U.S.

Many on Twitter concurred, giving the liberal pundit some well deserved pointers to help her see what she was obviously missing.

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