Tucker presses a stammering Paul Ryan on why the House is only working 8 days in April

Speaker Paul Ryan appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to sell the GOP’s American Health Care Act, but found himself on the defensive about the light work schedule in the House for April.

“We’re 47 days into the Trump administration and really, nothing has gone through the Congress,” Tucker said, noting that 8 years ago under the Obama administration, Congress had passed “all kinds of stuff.”

Ryan adamantly disagreed with the assessment.

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“We have a 200 day plan and we are right on schedule with it,’ he replied, explaining that they have been busy rescinding Obama-era regulations.

Cutting Ryan no slack, Carlson asked him how many pieces of legislation have been signed into law by President Donald Trump. After first mentioning the Senate, Ryan sheepishly admitted that “we got a few through.”

Carlson then put Ryan further on the spot, saying he checked Congress’ upcoming schedule.

“The House is in session for 8 days in April… and there’s a lot to do,” he said.

Somewhat weakly, Ryan said there are only working 8 days because of how hard it is to pass things through the Senate — which is controlled by the GOP — again pointing to the obstructionist behavior of Democrats there.

When Tucker pressed, Ryan said “we want to talk to our constituents,” though many Republican lawmakers have rightfully been avoiding town hall meetings due to the orchestrated effort by far-left activists to ambush them.

He went on to talk about all the great things they have planned over the course of 200 days, none of which have made much progress… or will in April.

And with 65 days in the bank, the clock ticks on…

Here’s a quick sampling of reactions on social media from folks who not too thrilled with the inaction in Congress, or the light work schedule:

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