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Samantha Bee mocks ‘Nazi hair’ of CPAC attendee, tries to delete clip after learning he’s a cancer patient

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In the rush to denigrate President Donald Trump and all things conservative, “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee swept up a cancer patient in her partisan assault… and then tried to quietly delete the video when the colossal screw up was realized.

But then, the internet is forever.

Advancing the left’s narrative that Trump and his supporter are the second coming of Nazi Germany, a clip mocking pro-Trump attendees at CPAC 2017 referred to a patient undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 brain cancer as having “Nazi hair.”

Stephen N. Perkins, editor-in-chief of OUTSET, shared the offending clip in Twitter:

*Warning for harsh language.

Megan Coddington responded to the clip on Twitter:

It appears that the young man in the photo also responded with a direct appeal to the Canadian “comedian.”

Backed into a corner with nowhere to turn, Samantha Bee had little choice but to apologize:

But that didn’t get her off the hook with social media users:

H/T: Twitchy.

Tom Tillison


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