College student literally juggles for cops to prove sobriety

One for the record books…

The video seems like an episode right out of  “Cops,” but turns out to be more like a clip straight from “America’s Funniest Videos.” A local college student juggled for police to prove his sobriety.

Blayk Puckett, a junior from the University of Central Arkansas, was on his way back from the library Friday night when police stopped him.

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The student was driving slower than usual because his vehicle brake light was out and the police pulled him over with the assumption he was driving under the influence.

During the stop, officers asked Puckett what was in his pockets. He told them that he performs magic as a hobby on social media and oddly enough some items he used in his tricks were in his pocket. FOX32 reported.

One of the officers can be heard in the video, jokingly asking Puckett to perform one of his tricks for them.

He mentioned that he juggles and pulled juggling pins out of his car telling the officers he’ll do it if they record him in a video for social media.

Officer Michael Hopper of the UCA Police later told reporters that in no way was Puckett’s juggling used to prove his sobriety or relieve him of a ticket. He insisted that all police matters had been concluded prior to Puckett’s juggling act.

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The officer took note that the student’s license plate reads “Juggler.”



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