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Dems could be so sorry if they keep pushing Russian hacking: ‘A very reliable source’ drops bombshell

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Democrats could get what they ask for – and regret it – if they continue pushing for investigations of Russian meddling in the US election

A probe into Russian interference in the election could result in “unintended consequences” for Democrats, according to New York Post columnist John Crudele.

“A very reliable source told me that the Russians did it, through a proxy and — this is the important part — that the National Security Agency had hacked the Russians while the Russians were hacking Hillary (Clinton),” Crudele wrote in a piece published by the Post Monday.

“So, everything the Russians have, the NSA also has,” he wrote, adding that “the NSA offered those hacked e-mails — including Hillary’s — to the FBI, which declined the offer.”

Clinton’s missing 30,000 e-mails were never released by WikiLeaks even though it dumped other Democrats’ e-mails onto its site in the weeks preceding the election, Crudele noted. He believes former President Obama had a hand in holding back the fourth phase of e-mail dumps by the organization founded by Julian Assange.

“My guess is that President Obama’s stern warning to Vladimir Putin caused the Russian president to stop the promised leak of Hillary’s personal e-mails,” Crudele suggested. “Any investigation of the Russian hacking is liable to result in Hillary’s e-mails being read, and perhaps released.”

Crudele offered up another alternative.

“The other possibility is even more likely,” he wrote.  “Putin could get annoyed by the firestorm over his interference in the US election and decide to have the surrogate he had do the hacking release Hillary’s e-mails.”

The Post columnist predicts a major shift in attention “if we suddenly have Hillary ’s e-mails about Obama, Bill Clinton, donations to the Clinton Foundation and many other topics.”

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