Alarming! FBI investigating 300 refugees admitted to US with possible links to terror. Talk about timely…

On the same day President Donald Trump rolled out a new, revised executive order on immigration and refugees, citing the threat posed by terrorism, Reuters reported that several hundred Islamic State-linked refugees may have infiltrated the United States.

According to the news agency, 300 refugees admitted into the U.S. are part of multiple FBI counter-terrorism investigations for possible involvement with ISIS, or for having been influenced by the militant group.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the report at a news conference Monday announcing the new executive order.

“More than 300 people, according to the FBI, who came here as refugees are under an FBI investigation today for potential terrorism-related activities,” Sessions said.

More from Reuters:

The FBI is investigating 300 people who were admitted into the United States as refugees as part of 1,000 counterterrorism investigations involving Islamic State or individuals inspired by the militant group, congressional sources told Reuters on Monday, citing senior administration officials.

Department of Homeland Security officials did not provide details of the investigations or the current immigration status of those 300 individuals during a briefing with congressional staffers, according to the sources, who requested anonymity.


The Washington Examiner reported “some of the refugees have been in the United States for several years, and even become naturalized citizens.”

Here are a few reactions to the “truly alarming” report from Twitter:

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