‘The American people have spoken.’ Trump’s speech surpasses Oscars ratings, and it’s not even close

President Donald Trump‘s critics were quick to point out that his first address to Congress saw fewer TV viewers — live-streaming notwithstanding — than President Barack Obama’s first such speech, but Trump prevailed in a more timely, and likely more relevant, comparison.

Down 2 million viewers from last year, Sunday night’s Oscars award show saw its lowest rating since 2009, the year Obama first took office. Adding to their woes, the Oscars lost out to Trump’s Tuesday night address by more than 10 million viewers, according to pollster Frank Luntz.

A few tweets was all it took for Mary Katharine Ham to put lib haters who bashed SEAL’s wife to shame

Results that seem to suggest more and more Americans are growing tired of elitist Hollywood moonbats’ sanctimonious lecturing on their liberal beliefs.

Social media users remain hopeful that this is the beginning of a trend toward bring back a little normalcy to the country… to making America great again.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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