Maddow reluctantly admits Trump’s speech will be ‘well-received’ just before reverting to her ‘dark place’

It was all doom and gloom at MSNBC following President Donald Trump’s address before Congress.

Even MSNBC host Rachel Maddow struggled to find something bad to say about a performance that CNN political commentator Van Jones described as presidential.

Maddow described Trump’s performance as “remarkably disciplined” to MSNBC colleague Brian Williams, but couldn’t resist a dig that it was “remarkably disciplined for him.” She concluded that it was likely to be “a well-received speech” at about the 2:20 mark.

The Democrat rebuttal to President Trump’s epic speech couldn’t have gone better – for Trump

And it was.

“That’s in part — I think it’s fair to say — a product of expectations, that he’s not seen as somebody who necessarily gives a good formal speech. He’s more of a rollicking speech-goer rather than a formal-setting speech-goer,” Maddow explained.

Then she really reverted to the doom-and-gloom.

“I do think, though, that beyond that surface expectation, it will be a notable thing that the president spent a big portion of what was in effect a State of the Union trying to tell the country what vicious, murdering criminals immigrants are.”

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter thought its all hilarious, and her followers joined in.

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It’s going to be an interesting four, er eight, years.

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