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Lawmakers are asked a question as if they were on the red carpet, the responses are hilarious – and telling

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Even members of Congress can have an Oscar-worthy red carpet moment.

Many lawmakers, it seemed, were not too familiar with Hollywood culture, appearing more confused when asked “who are you wearing?” as they walked through Statuary Hall Tuesday.

Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal captured the hilarious reactions to his question the night of President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress.

‘Trump thoroughly humiliates Dems by allowing them to humiliate themselves.’ The outcome…vindication

“Who are you wearing?” he asked members of Congress as they walked by, getting many different reactions.

Sen. Ted Cruz seemed confused by the question and shook his head while Sen. Cory Booker had a good laugh as he caught the joke.

Former comedian, Sen. Al Franken, and Sen. Ben Sasse seemed to appreciate the humor, but Sen. Bernie Sanders kept walking after a wave.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and even Supreme Court Justice John Roberts were asked the all-important question and Sen. John Thune answered with his own question, “Really?”

“Montana,” was the response from Steve Daines, the state’s junior senator.

Johnson found plenty of appreciation both at the event and on social media as Twitter users gave him a thumbs up for the bipartisan laughs. And many thought the answers reflected what they believe they know about the politcian.

House Dems wear white in protest of Trump to joint address, turns out to be a VERY bad decision

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