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Ivanka Trump’s stalker had other victims and one wants to meet with first daughter for help

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Los Angeles-based TV producer Lenora Claire is turning to first daughter Ivanka Trump for help with a common problem they share — a stalker.

The man, identified as 34-year-old Justin Massler, is a diagnosed schizophrenic who legally changed his name to Cloud Starchaser, according to the New York Daily News.

“The Trumps have the biggest platform in the world, and they haven’t done anything for this bipartisan issue,” Claire told the newspaper.

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She gives the impression that this may be about something more than a stalker when Claire goes on to suggest the ladies have a day out together.

“I would like to have a lunch with her. I would like to get our nails done,” Claire said of Ivanka.

The fire-engine red-head was featured Saturday on CBS’s “48 Hours,” which included a Facetime interview with Massler, who spent time in jail for stalking Ivanka Trump.

Claire has a restraining order against Massler, who she first encountered in 2011 as an art curator.

“He told me that I reminded him of Jessica Rabbit meets Leeloo from ‘The Fifth Element,’ and that I was a supreme being,” Claire said. “And that he was going to stalk me.”

The stalkee now stalks the stalker, as explained by the Daily News:

Now, going on six years, a typical day for Claire begins with waking up, checking Massler’s latest drivel and tracing his location from the IP address. Her mood can hinge on his tone, which ping-pongs from reverent to violent, and his proximity to L.A.

The ordeal has wholly consumed her life. But Claire, raised by a psychiatrist father, has compassion for her stalker: “He’s really sick,” she said. “He needs help, and his family has failed him.”


The advice Claire said she received from the Los Angeles Police Department was to dye her hair and get off social media.

But she is serious in her advocacy to improve on ways to track and monitor stalkers, and to notify victims when their stalker is near.

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As for Massler, he was detained by Secret Service in late November just one block from Trump Tower, according to the Daily News. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, though his whereabouts today are unclear.

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