‘Can’t even get where I was born right’: Spicer needles NY Times writer while Jake Tapper, others take sides

With its credibility at an all-time low, CNN shills can at least take solace in scoring the rare Twitter burn.

Jake Tapper jabbed at White House press secretary Sean Spicer by bringing up President Trump’s past birtherism comments about Barack Obama.

On Saturday, the New York Times posted yet another article discussing its favorite topic: The media.

Spicer said the biased opinion piece was poorly researched, and pointed out that co-writers Michael Grynbaum and Glenn Thrush inaccurately reported his birthplace as evidence of the shoddy reporting.

That prompted CNN shill Jake Tapper to snark at Spicer by referencing Trump’s past birtherism comments about Obama. For the record, Sean Spicer didn’t even know Trump when he made those remarks back in 2011.

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The president has since repeatedly stated he believes Barack Hussein Obama was born in the United States, and not in Kenya to his Muslim father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

Perhaps Jake Tapper was trying to deflect from his CNN colleague Chris Cuomo‘s epic Twitter gaffe when Cuomo said 12-year-old girls who don’t want to see penises in locker rooms are “intolerant.”


Sean Spicer got the last laugh at the New York Times, when he tweeted that reporter Glenn Thrush never asked him to confirm his birthplace in his email.

That’s when other journalists weighed in on, spotlighting Glenn Thrush’s past collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign.


Here’s the reminder, in case anyone forgot. In Thrush’s own words:

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